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30 September- 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM (CET)


About the Connected Fleets Conference

The Connected Fleets Conference is the leading international conference bringing together buyer profiles and the connected solutions suppliers.

  • High level event for real decision makers

  • The place to be to meet B2B customers

  • Strong focus on learning, vision and best practice sharing

  • Real cases, real solutions

  • Supporting a connected future for Fleet & Mobility

Telematics, the proof of success! 

The benefits of a Connected Fleet are vast, both for Corporate Fleet Buyers as well as for the Supply Chain. At the Connected Fleets Conference 2021 we will focus on the entire spectrum of Connectivity and showcase hands-on Case Studies and Thought Leadership on how to benefit from Connected Solutions in your vehicle fleet, both for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Topics covered are related to fleet management efficiency, electrification and fuel management, safety and insurance, and AI and ML.


09:30     Check-in and Networking

Your chance to meet with the conference participants and sponsors, expand your network and create new business opportunities.

10:00     Welcome and Opening of the Connected Fleets Conference 2021

With Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-chief, Fleet Europe


Topic 1 - The Connected Ecosystem


10:10     Automotive Mobility, Connected Fleets & Data Monetization

More than ever, connected technology is fundamental for fleet and mobility efficiency, whether it’s efficiency in cost, utilisation, safety or sustainability. Discover the trends that are shaping the future of our connected fleet marketplace and grasp the opportunities that come with it.

With Jack Palmer, Senior Consultant Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan

10:30     Best practice case study Veolia: Connectivity, key driver for fleet management efficiency  

Hands-on best practice presentation of a fleet manager about the way telematics and digitisation in fleet management supports fleet efficiency.  

With Wilfried Duchez, Veolia 


Topic 2 - How to successfully source Connected Technology


10:50     Global Fleet Survey Connected Vehicles 2021 – Suppliers view

With Sven Van Rossum, Marketing and Research, Fleet Europe


11:10    How Video Telematics is helping to transform fleet safety, Thought Leadership Presentation with our Founding Partner MiX Telematics

As Video Telematics evolves with AI technology, we assess what impacts it is having on fleet safety and driver engagement.

With Jonathan Bates, Executive Vice-President, MiX Telematics


Topic 3 – Connectivity as key pillar of Fleet & Mobility Success


11:30     Keynote Debate with our Founding Partners

In this executive panel discussion, representatives of the founding partners of the Connected Fleets Conference 2021 will look ahead by sharing their vision on what can be expected in terms of connectivity innovation with what positive impact for fleet & mobility.

With Glen Mitchell, Head of Product Management, MiX Telematics and Alexander Merkel, Area Fleet and Travel Manager, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

12:00     Discovery Session with our Gold Partners

Get to know your connectivity partners for the future. In this session the Connected Fleets Conference gold partners will pitch their added value for you and your fleet drivers.

  • The intersection of sustainability and cost savings.

Ninety percent of companies’ environmental impact comes from supply chains. Too often, the conversation around sustainability and cost savings focuses on fuel efficiency or equipment upgrades. Companies with fleets of all sizes can unlock the power of the data that their fleets are already generating and deliver greater value with the power of location.

With Alex Osaki, Product marketing manager, HERE Technologies

  • Safety & Data

How can video data be used for the greater good?

With Damian Penney, VP, EMEA, Lytx​

  • The Evolution of the Black Box

From a simple device to a multi-function embedded unit, how the “black box” keeps shaping the industry. 

With Vernon Bonser, VP Sales UK, OCTO Telematics 

  • Pitch from UBench, represented by Filip Rousseau, UBench

  • Pitch from Webfleet Solutions represented by Taco van der Leij, Vice President Webfleet Solutions Europe 

12:30     Networking Break

Your chance to meet with the conference participants and sponsors, expand your network and create new business opportunities.

Topic 4 – Connected Technology Learning Streams

As the advantages of connected technology are slightly different for corporate fleet and mobility managers on the one hand and supply chain specialists and resellers on the other, we present two dedicated learning streams where you will get information and expertise fit for your connectivity profile. The only thing you need to do to get the information that suits your professional needs, is select the stream that fits your profile.


13:30     Maintenance, Repair & Operating Cost

  • Connected technology to increase operational fleet efficiency at Nelt (for Corporate Fleet Buyers)

Vehicle technology and telematics support the operational efficiency of a fleet. But how does a fleet manager look at the role and the value of telematics and connectivity, what are the areas where value can be created and how to approach the introduction and implementation of connected technology? In this case study presentation, the audience will get inspired about the way an international company envisions connected technology for its fleet.

With Ljubomir Jovanovic, Technical Operations Manager, Nelt Co

  • Tachograph Compliance Services – Open Platform (for Supply Chain & Resellers)

It has been a while ago when tachographs recorded vehicle speed on diagram charts only. Smart Tachographs provides valuable, trusted information on one side to support fleet managers reducing infringements but also to use the data for workflows a fleets’ daily business. Current Smart Tachographs provide GPS information and a status about the willingness of the driver to share his data. Next generations of smart tachographs will provide even more data and play an important role in the logistic supply chain. With service solutions building up on this trusted data, fleet managers can get real time information if an infringement is soon to occur, fleets performance concerning infringements can be monitored or other systems fed with working time related data.

With Antonio Cucco Fiore, Sales Manager Digital and Mobility Services, Continental Automotive GmbH and Timo Ketterer, Head of Service Product Management,  Continental Automotive GmbH


14:00     Electrification Strategy

  • Telematics and electrification: working hand in hand for the future of mobility (for Corporate Fleet Buyers)

Data is the new gold but it’s worthless if it doesn’t provide tangible business value. And today, what could be more valuable for a fleet manager than data helping to efficiently switch a fleet to electric?

With Mark Evans, Head of Consultancy, ALD Automotive UK & Rhys Harrhy, Connected Car Product Manager, ALD Automotive UK

  • Telematics, the right fit for a sustainable fleet management (for Supply Chain & Resellers)

Multinational company Siemens has a strong international fleet management. And that fleet management strategy comes with cost-efficiency, sustainability and innovation. In the UK, Siemens has successfully implemented telematics for its LCV fleet and is piloting how to switch to fleet electrification with the support of connected technology. In this case study presentation the audience, a mix of fleet suppliers and fleet customers, will get inspired about how to introduce telematics and how it can bring added value to fleet management today and tomorrow. 

With Wayne Warburton, Head of Mobility Services UK, Siemens Plc 


14:30     Increased Productivity

  • What comes after Fleet Management? IoT Fleet Automation! (for Corporate Fleet Buyers)

Fleet owners suffer from an overabundance of fleet information from multiple fleet management systems, yet lack the ability to put that information to work for them automatically. Today’s alerts are automated but the actions typically that follow are manual. With a fleet automation platform, you’re able to pick up where fleet management systems leave off, with automations that reassign drivers, call for maintenance, and immobilize stolen vehicles. In this session, you will learn:

- How technology can be used to digitalize fleets and fleet operations

- How fleet data can be used to create actionable insights and automated - workflows

How to leverage multiple telematics platforms to make switching vehicles or drivers completely handled through digital means.

With Kenneth Malmberg, Senior Director, Market Development and Alliances, Ridecell

  • Global Fleet Survey Connected Vehicles 2021 – Customers view (for Supply Chain & Resellers) 

Highlights and conclusions 

With Sven Van Rossum, Marketing and Research, Fleet Europe 

15:00     Monetizing your Data

  • Turning Vehicle Data into monetizable value and business (for Corporate Fleet Buyers)

With Benoit Joly, EVP Automotive & Mobility – Wejo

  • Key expectations around connected data based on best practice at PPG (for Supply Chain & Resellers)

Vehicle technology and telematics have several advantages but it’s not always easy to predict the value and how to deal with connected vehicle and telematics data. In this case study presentation, the audience, a mix of fleet suppliers and fleet customers, will get inspired about the way an international company envisions connected technology for its fleet and the expectations regarding the collection and analysis of connected data.

With Aleksandra Jackowska, Strategic Sourcing Manager at PPG Industries


15:30     AI in Fleet

  • AI Cameras for drivers safety and fleet manager (for Corporate Fleet Buyers)

Discover how AI video technology can help you change your approach from reactive to proactive.

With Richard Adams, Sales Director at MiX Telematics Europe, Catherine Lewis, Executive VP / Managing Director (CSO), MiX Telematics, Brodie von Berg, Managing Director, MiX Telematics MEA and Carl Hanson,  Group asset director at Wincanton

  • Connected technology at ZimmerBiomet (for Supply Chain & Resellers)

How does a respected and forward-looking company like ZimmerBiomet look at connected technology and the development of a connected fleet for the efficiency of its fleet and mobility operations? In this case study presentation the audience, a mix of fleet suppliers and fleet customers, will get inspired about the way an international company envisions connected technology for its fleet.

With Adam Longenecker, Strategic Sourcing Lead EMEA, ZimmerBiomet


16:00     Rightfuelling your fleet with Connectivity

  • A fleet manager’s perspective: which role do OEMs play in the added value of fleet telematics? (for Corporate Fleet Buyers)

Michiel Westdorp, Fleet Manager at Hoppenbrouwers, in conversation with Geotab and Moove Connected Mobility; they will share their views and hands-on experience with fleet telematics. How to introduce telematics to fleets, how it can deliver real value and what will change as OEMs increasingly embed connectivity natively in the vehicles? This session provides real insights for fleet managers that already have or plan to make use of telematics in their fleets. (for Corporate Fleet Buyers) 

With Christoph Ludewig, VP OEM EU, Geotab, Michiel Westdorp, Fleet Manager, Hoppenbrouwers Techniek and Willem Duijf, CEO, Moove Connected Mobility. 

  • The challenges when setting up a Connected Fleet programme (for Supply Chain & Resellers)

Beyond driver behaviour efficiency, telematics and connected technology also support fleet efficiency in general. It should bring an increased productivity for the company. But is it as straightforward? In this best practice from Lactalis we will hear how challenging it can be to set up a telematics programme, and we will get insight into the expectations and recommendations for the industry.

With Ricardo Centeno, Fleet Director / BPA Ibérica, Lactalis

16:30     Lessons Learned & Closing of the Connected Fleets Conference




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