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Data-driven Fleet Management: TCO & Benefits




24 MAY 2022



Participation is free

About the IFMI

  • For 18 years, the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) has been organising seminars and webinars with an aim to further encourage internationalization of Fleet & Mobility.

  • Renowned within the International Fleet & Mobility Community for its educational, non-commercial approach.

  • Providing information and learnings, via expert presentations , lively workshops or interactive discussions.

  • Each session is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to gain knowledge and learn skills.

  • This programme is dedicated to Fleet & Mobility Managers who are looking to implement connectivity and further digitalize their Fleets

Data-driven Fleet Management: TCO & Benefits

In a fast-changing fleet and mobility ecosystem, technology and connectivity are fundamental for supporting efficiency, whether it’s efficiency in cost, safety, sustainability or last-mile mobility.

In this session, you will learn how the adoption of connected technology leads to data intelligence that will support fleet management efficiency with a positive impact on the running costs and TCO of your vehicle fleet.


2:00 PM CET          Welcome

Introduction of the IFMI Connected Masterclass programme 2022, introduction of the IFMI partners, and of the topic and speakers of the day.


By Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief, Fleet Europe


2:10 PM CET          Knowing what data you need for your fleet

  • How to set the baseline for your fleet management based on data

  • Selecting the right data set to obtain your strategy goals

  • Tips for making the right decisions for your fleet based on data and data intelligence

By Lisa Henshaw, Head of Customer Success, MiX Telematics


2:35 PM CET          Calculating the true cost of connectivity for your fleet

  • Understanding the cost structure of connected technology 

  • How to calculate the ROI of connected technology for the company

  • Tips for minimising the cost of a connected fleet

By Agnès Van de WalleArval Connect Director, Arval


3:00 PM CET          Ensuring the expected benefits of a connected fleet

  • What benefits to expect from data driven fleet management

  • How to seize the data driven fleet management benefits on the short, medium and long term

  • How to engage regional and local stakeholders and employees and overcome local hurdles

By Yves Helven, CEO, OviDrive

3:25 PM CET          Maximising the Value of your Connected Fleet

  • How to assess and monitor the impact of connectivity for fleet & mobility management

  • How to make sure the expected ROI of a connected fleet is realized on the medium and long term

  • Tips to maximise the value of your connected fleet

By Francois Denis - Country Manager France, Geotab and Elena Ion - Senior Account Trainer Europe, Geotab

3:45 PM CET          A Connected Fleets is an efficient Fleet

Interactive discussion and Q&A with IFMI partners to assess the cost impact of connectivity for fleet & mobility management.

With IFMI partners and moderated by Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief, Fleet Europe


​4:15 PM CET           Closing Statement

By Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief, Fleet Europe


In partnership with

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For this event we have chosen an online platform that allows you to participate in this IFMI VEx Session  with all the advantages of a virtual event.

This online platform will gather the Expert Powers Talks through a virtual Main Stage. In addition, it allows to network via a sponsors area, direct messaging and live video conversations between participants and communication between buyers and suppliers (direct or via a matchmaking tool). 

Registration is free


* A buyer is an individual who has responsibilities in international fleet and mobility decision making. Examples: fleet manager, mobility manager, Purchase Manager, Chief financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief technology officer, HR Executive, Travel Manager, Mobility Specialist, …



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