About the Smart Mobility Conference

After a successful inaugural edition in 2021, the leading international conference on Corporate Mobility, build by Nexus Communication in partnership with Frost & Sullivan, is back:

  • To accelerate the development and implementation of Corporate Mobility within organisations.

  • For all Local and International stakeholders involved in mobility and involving the entire Corporate Mobility Supply Chain,

  • With a strong focus on real cases and applicable Mobility solutions. Highlighting innovations and new technologies

  • Inspiring each other, discovering new solutions and sharing best practices

Join us at the Smart Mobility Conference, live in Brussels, to ensure your strategy is ready for the transition in smart corporate mobility!


8 JUNE 2022
Vendor Selection & Mobility Strategy

On the 8th of June, we will organize our world-renowned Smart Mobility Institute (closed session for buyer only*)  at the same venue of the Smart Mobility Conference.

Due to the introduction of new forms of corporate mobility (e.g. e-bike schemes, ride-hailing, ride-sharing or car-sharing[i] and zero-emission vehicles) as well as the rise of the hybrid working model and technological advances, the corporate mobility ecosystem is changing rapidly. Interconnected with a network of systems and mobility services, it is becoming ever-more complex and increasingly user-centric. Hence, there is no time to waste in preparing your fleet and mobility strategy as well as your vendor selection approach in the context of today’s ecosystem.

During the live Smart Mobility Institute session, we will dive deeper into how you can harmonise your mobility strategy and ensure you are able to select the best fit vendors supporting your transition from fleet to smart and alternative corporate mobility.


13:00 Start of the session

13:00 - 13:10  Welcome word & Introduction of the session 

By Saskia Harreman, Smart Mobility Expert, Fleet Europe

13:10 - 13:40  Mobility at Elia towards carbon neutrality

Lessons learned from implementing a smart and alternative mobility approach at Elia Group.

By Jennifer Vander Elst, Compensation Benefits Specialist, Elia Group

13:40 - 14:10 Thought Leadership Presentation 

The driving force behind corporate mobility is flexibility and sustainability. Many initiatives to achieve this are starting small and very locally. Think about a car-sharing initiative, ride-hailing and the usage of micro-mobility solutions. But making a wide-reaching impact, collaboration and scaling are required. In this session with Sixt we look into the various commitment models and how to successfully partner with local governments and large corporates making the transition to the mobility your employees’ desire.

By Kristof HechtSr. Executive Manager Global Innovations & Solutions, Sixt

14:10 - 14: 50 Interactive Workshop – Lets invent the future of mobility together

An interactive workshop bringing all stakeholders minds together in terms of features, functionalities and priorities in mobility services and technology.

By Stuart Donnelly, President Mobility, TMC

14:50 - 15:20  Networking Coffee Break 

15:20 - 15:50  The 5 critical points to land your company’s mobility concept.

The vibrant mobility industry is animated by a multitude of highly innovative yet often ill-adapted suppliers for large corporates. While attracted by the innovation lift-off that start-ups and scale-ups can bring, large organizations need to take special care in selecting their mobility crew to safely land their mobility initiative. In this thought-provoking session, Thibault Alleyn and Joshua Formis will address 5 key aspects to consider in managing this complexity.


  •  Thibault Alleyn, Head of Global Mobility Solution, Fleet Logistics

  •  Joshua FormisInternational Sales Director,  Fleet Logistics

15:50 - 16:20  Adopting a Sustainabile Sourcing Strategy that scales

The way procurement does sourcing has changed and the way procurement organizations support mobility is changing with it. From global-only agreements to hyper-local agreements, sourcing plays a key goal.

By Tristan Deschler, Value engineer, Fairmarkit

16:20 - 16:50  Closing panel discussion 

With :  

  • Jennifer van der Elst, Compensation Benefits Specialist, Elia Group

  • Kristof HechtSr. Executive Manager Global Innovations & Solutions, Sixt

  • Thibault Alleyn, Head of Global Mobility Solution, Fleet Logistics

  • Stuart Donnelly, President Mobility, TMC

  • Tristan Deschler, Value engineer, Fairmarkit

16:50 - 17:00 Lessons learned

17:00 Closing of the Session

9 JUNE 2022
Corporate Mobility: Design and Start

09:00 Opening of the Smart Mobility Conference 2022


Theme 1 - Economic, social, and legislative trends accelerating the transition from fleet to smart corporate mobility

  • 09:00     Introduction by Frost & Sullivan

  • 09:15     How to enable sustainable mobility to remote areas such as ports

The companies situated in the port areas have always had great difficulties to connect to public transport mostly because of the absence of it.
That’s why these companies and the port authority had to take actions in to their own hands

By Jonathan Van CauwenbergeMobility Advisor, Port of Antwerp-Bruges

  • 09:40     Mobility as a benefit

“I should have gone car-free earlier!”
In 2019, Daan Bieleveld, a Nature-Human Mediator in Mobility and Travel, decided to practice the climate action that he preached, and went car-free for a year. Guess what? Three years later, he still hasn’t gone back to his car. In this thought-provoking session we hear his story. 

By Daan BieleveldNature-human mediator in mobility and travel

  • 10:05     Panel discussion

What is happening in the world of Corporate Mobility? Why is it happening? How do governments involve? and why is it so important to act upon?

With :

Daan BieleveldNature-human mediator in mobility and travel

Ami Mintzer , Connected Car Director, Targa Telematics

Jonathan Van CauwenbergeMobility Advisor, Port of Antwerp

Koen Van De PutteManaging Director, Olympus Mobility

  • 10:30     Networking break

Theme 2 - How to prepare your corporate mobility strategy in the context of today’s ecosystem

  • 11:00     Introduction by Frost & Sullivan

  • 11:15     Lessons learned from a best practice case
    The corporate mobility vision of the Belgium fleet & mobility manager of 2022: Shelley Heugen from Delhaize. Diverse mobility has been part of Delhaize's sustainable business philosophy for years: with the Lion’s Footprint action plan reduced the carbon footprint as much as possible. Shelley has become a proud lion two and a half years ago, specializing in sustainable mobility. Our employees’ commute and the mobility landscape have changed enormously: we are evolving towards an electric company fleet, offering multiple sustainable alternatives and making sure our workplaces are accessible for all. 

        By Shelley Heugen, Mobility manager, Delhaize

  • 11:40     Get the most out of mobility services

Insight in the mobility strategy from leading fleet and mobility provider and how they are supporting corporates in the transition from fleet to sustainable and smart corporate mobility inclusive to all employees.

By Laurent LonckeCEO Arval Belgium, Arval Belgium

  • 12:05     Panel discussion

How best to best manage corporate mobility strategy in the context of today's ecosystem.

With :

Shelley Heugen, Mobility manager, Delhaize

Erik Swerts, Managing Director, Alphabet Belgium

Laurent LonckeCEO Arval Belgium, Arval Belgium

Guy-Louis de le VingneCEO, Lab Box – MyMove

  • 12:30     Networking lunch

Theme 3  - How best to manage corporate mobility in a developing mobility ecosystem

  • 13:30     Introduction by Frost & Sullivan

  • 13:45     Smart & Sustainable Mobility iQ

Sustainability at a macro level is at the forefront of every corporation right now to help meet our GHG climate goals set out in the Paris treaty in 2015, yet individually on a micro level beyond moving to electrification, we know very little today about our daily mobility footprint for our chosen type of mobility, and critically foresee the factors that impact it in order to help us make, smart, safe and sustainable decisions about how we move from A to B and sometimes C. TMC will Exclusively reveal in this session how they can help you to move from a to B and sometimes C more sustainably….

By Stuart Donnelly, President Mobility, TMC

  • 14:10      Smartly Transitioning to alternative and sustainable corporate mobility

How to best manage corporate mobility in a developing mobility system
Smart and alternative mobility is still in a developing stage and maturing in just a handful leading markets across Europe. What are currently proven management tools available? How do they contribute to a smooth implementation of alternative mobility? And how to ensure new mobility initiatives are successfully implemented? In this thought leadership session, Gregory Jacbs, Comp & Ben manager will show us the essential ingredients to successfully manage Proximus mobility programme in a sustainable and user-friendly wa

By Gregory Jacobs, Compensation & Benefits manager, Proximus

  • 14:35      Panel discussion

How to best manage corporate mobility in mobility ecosystem.

With :

Gregory Jacobs, Compensation & Benefits manager, Proximus​

Stuart Donnelly, President MobilityTMC

Virginie Pochat, Senior International Consultant, Business Intelligence & Consultancy, ALD Automotive 

Nicola Büsseco-founder & COO, Mobiko

  • 15:00      Networking break

Theme 4 - Mobility for ALL! Sustainable and alternative solutions for urban, suburban and rural commuters and short, medium and long-distance travellers.

  • 15:30     Introduction by Frost & Sullivan

  • 15:45     How to ensure the sustainable and smart mobility at the right time, right location and for the right distance

Reinventing corporate commuting programs. Key-note presentation on sustainable and alternative solutions for companies of all sizes with an all-inclusive approach, including urban, suburban and rural commuters, medium and long-distance travellers.

By Eva Romagosa, Chief Strategy Officer, BusUp

  • 16:10     The maturity state of smart and sustainable mobility solutions across Europe.

The maturity state of smart and sustainable mobility solutions across Europe. Useful insights from Fleet Europe's Mobility Maturity Map helping international mobility decision makers with possible and realistic solutions for every type of mobility needs, according to country specific dynamics.

By Aled Walker, Director & Future of Mobility Leader, Deloitte

  • 16:35     Panel discussion

Mobility for All! Sustainable and alternative solutions for urban, suburban and rural commuters and short, medium and long-distance travellers.

With : 

Aled Walker, Director & Future of Mobility Leader, Deloitte

Alexander De Bièvre, co-founder, Sentinel 

Eva Romagosa, Chief Strategy Officer, BusUp

Kristof HechtSr. Executive Manager Global Innovations & Solutions, Sixt

17:00 Closing of the Conference



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Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport

For this event we have chosen the Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport. 

Da Vincilaan 4, 1831 Brussel, Belgium

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Smart Mobility Conference
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Smart Mobility Conference


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