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How to make subscription-based
Mobility Work

9 Dec.





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About the Smart Mobility Institute

The Smart Mobility Institute (SMI) is an organisation of Nexus Communication in collaboration with corporate opinion leaders. Its mission is to accelerate the development of smart mobility management within companies.

The SMI is the first cross functional networking group of international buyer profiles willing to share best practices, explore new possibilities, benchmark with suppliers and inspire each other with real mobility best practices.

At the center of the SMI are the participants: all stakeholders of corporate mobility, that are international decision makers within Fleet, Travel, HR (Rewards & Benefit), Facility & Finance. The SMI brings these stakeholders together and focuses each time on an extra target group, without excluding other corporate stakeholders in mobility.


How to make subscription-based Mobility work?

Forget long-term contracts, forget being limited to only one solution. Fast, seamless, flexible and efficient. These are four key characteristics of a winning employee mobility. And these four characteristics fit subscription-based mobility like a glove. But how to make that work and how to keep control? In this session we examine how subscription-based mobility solutions can benefit your organisation and your employees.

Topics : subscription-based mobility, flexibility, employee-choice, short-term contracts, efficiency


14:00 – 14:10 Welcome and introduction by Saskia Harreman, Corporate Mobility Expert


What is subscription-based mobility and what are the current best practices in the market


14:10 – 14:40 Lessons learned from corporate mobility frontrunner Accenture “Subscription based mobility in practice” by Alexandra Melville, Global Strategic Car fleet and mobility Lead, Accenture

Alexandra Melville, Global Car Fleet & Mobility Category Lead will share the why, the how, the what and the lessons learned in subscription-based mobility from frontrunner Accenture. A global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security. 


14:40 – 15:10 The 15 minute city concept and what it means for your corporate mobility programme by Saskia Harreman, Corporate Mobility Expert

The ‘15-minute’ city concept – developed primarily to reduce carbon emissions by decreasing the use of cars and motorised commuting time – is a decentralised urban planning model, in which each local neighbourhood contains all the basic social functions for living and working. But what does it mean for corporate mobility and how can companies contribute making the concept a success for everyone. An informative and interactive discussion.


15:10 – 15:20 Networking Break


15:20 – 15:50  Deepdive Session: Why should you provide subscription based mobility to your employees? What are the pros and cons and how best to implement it? These are just a couple of the key questions corporate mobility decision makers have.

In this session Linda Lüdde - Senior Business Development Manager, FreeNow will take us through the answers.


15:50 – 16:20 Deepdive Session: Each company has commuters, essential job-need drivers and employees receiving a company car or mobility budget as a perk. Which employee profile is most suitable for subscription based mobility and how does vehicle subscription-based mobility works in practice?

A deep-dive session with Sixt. One of the leading mobility providers in subscription-based mobility

With Stuart Donnelly, Global Sales Director and Florian Von Klier Executive Director Global Innovations & Solutions, SIXT



16:20 – 16:50 Panel discussion “How to make subscription-based mobility work”

With Franz Fehlner of Allianz, the winner of the Smart Mobility Manager of the Year Award and Alexandra Melville, Global Strategic Car fleet and mobility Lead, Accenture


16:50 – 17:00 Key takeaways and lessons learned by Saskia Harreman, Corporate Mobility Expert

The SMI provides the platform to exchange best practices, discover new mobility solutions and collaborate during workshops on ideas between the largest corporations around the world, that want to accelerate the transition to Mobility.


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dedicated to buyers* and sponsors only

* A buyer is an individual who has responsibilities in international fleet and mobility decision making. Examples: fleet manager, mobility manager, Purchase Manager, Chief financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief technology officer, HR Executive, Travel Manager, Mobility Specialist, …



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