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" Winning strategies for your LCV Fleet"





A full week of focus on how to manage, maintain and implement an integrated Commercial Fleets strategy.


The Fleet Week is the opportunity to learn from experts, peers and suppliers with the support of the Fleet Europe community via Learning and deep-dive  Webinars. 

What's on the agenda?

Monday 26 April

Learning Webinar: Making 2021 eLCV reality

Sponsored by Webfleet Solutions


Driven by CO2 reduction targets, OEMs are churning out low-to-zero-emission vehicles at a staggering rate. There is no stopping to the electric wave in the passenger car market, but what’s the situation for Light Commercial Vehicles? Will the eLCV portfolio expand as dramatically and will it support your daily business as well as your urban and last-mile deliveries? More importantly, how can you ensure a successful adoption of eLCVs from a financial, ecological and practical point of view?


In this Learning Webinar, supported by Webfleet Solutions, you will discover the newest and most sustainable models fit for your LCV fleet, together with innovative solutions to manage and monitor them in a connected ecosystem while optimising TCO.



  • Taco van der Leij, Vice President Webfleet Solutions Europe

  • Dieter Quartier, Automotive Journalist, Fleet Europe

Tuesday 27 April

Video Podcast: To e-LCV or not to e-LCV: do you know the answer to this question?

Sponsored by ALD Automotive

To e-LCV or not to e-LCV – that is the question! With growing momentum in the market, fleet managers can find themselves haunted by Hamlet’s conundrum when trying to decide whether the time is right to transition to e-LCVs. Our EV Business Owner, Matt Dale, has good news. e-LCVs are ready for customers and if you plan it right, particularly in terms of driver profiling and charging infrastructure,  you can gain significantly by switching to electric.

So, are you ready to hear more? Check out our video podcast to get you started on successfully transitioning your LCV fleet.


  • Matt Dale, EV Business Owner at ALD Automotive

  • Steven Schoefs, Editor in chief, Fleet Europe (moderator)

Learning Webinar: The connected LCV fleet is the best LCV fleet

Sponsored by Geotab

In the end, you want a winning strategy. And when it comes to your LCV fleet management, you can’t do without connectivity. A connected fleet not only enables you to track your vehicles and monitor your drivers and their driver behaviour, it also improves risk management, supports sustainability and fuel efficiency and contributes to a smart fleet utilisation, hence cost optimisation.

In this Learning Webinar, supported by Geotab, you will learn how to connect your LCV fleet to deliver winning results.


  • Joshua Gordon, EV Strategy Manager, Geotab

  • Steven Schoefs, Editor in chief, Fleet Europe (moderator)


Wednesday 28 April

Learning Webinar: Successfully migrating to an eLCV fleet

Sponsored by LeasePlan

Managing a conventional LCV fleet can already be quite a challenge. With range, charging and weight as extra variables to consider, eLCVs make life for the fleet manager even more complicated. But that shouldn’t stop you from considering building an electric LCV fleet. Supported by connectivity and technology the pros are stronger than the cons. So no time to lose.

In this webinar, supported by LeasePlan, you will learn how to build a winning eLCV fleet for your international business.


  • Mark Lovett, Group Head of Commercial Vehicles, LeasePlan

  • Garrett Bridgeman, Managing Director & COO, Mails & Parcels, An Post

  • Steven Schoefs, Editor in chief, Fleet Europe (moderator)


Thursday 29 April

Deepdive Webinar: Delivering the lowest possible LCV TCO

Sponsored by Fleet Logistics


The cost of usage and total cost of ownership of your LCV fleet depend on a variety of elements, ranging from selecting the right funding method, mastering and monitoring fuel efficiency, safety and driver behaviour, benefiting from taxation incentives and anticipating trends.

In this Deepdive Webinar, sponsored by Fleet Logistics, you will be given insights into the TCO equation of an LCV fleet, with guidelines and learnings to achieve cost efficiency.



  • Samuel Kellner-Steinmetz, Chief Sales Officer at Fleet Logistics Group

  • Madelaine Webster – Global Consulting Manger at Fleet Logistics Global Mobility Solutions

  • Dieter Quartier, Automotive Journalist, Fleet Europe

Friday 30 April

Deepdive Webinar: Maximising LCV utilisation through flexibility

Sponsored by Sixt SE

Standing still is not an option. It’s vital for your business and your company’s wallet that your LCV fleet is running as much as possible and that your vehicles are adapted to the business and transport they need to be used for. To maximise the utilisation of your LCV fleet both in capacity and in running time, flexibility is the answer.

In this Deepdive Webinar, sponsored by Sixt SE, you will discover how to increase your LCV operations, maximise the usage and respond to peak demand by allowing flexibility in your strategy.


  • Stuart Mobility Donnelly, Senior Director International Sales, Sixt 

  • Yvonne Gabler; Executive Director Special Sales Van & Trucks, Sixt

  • Alexander Boone, Senior Director Mobility Innovation, Sixt


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